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Milk&Moo Insulated Lunch Bag for Kids, Blue and Pink


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  • Milk&Moo kids lunch bag has a well insulated foil interior to preserve the temperature of hot or cold items up to 4 hours. Its high thermal insulation fabric that does not allow the air going out from inside
  • The main material of this kid lunch box is polyester fabric. This fabric has a waterproof feature, it does not absorb water from the outside. If ice is poured directly into it, it will cause water to seep into the seams, this is quite normal
  • Milk&Moo kids insulated lunch box comes with double handy straps for easy carrying. Its double zipper won’t come open if shaken or dropped. Has a cubed shape with one main compartment
  • This cute lunchbox is perfect for toddlers or younger children as it can be opened and closed easily and isn’t complicated by too many features or compartments. Milk&Moo has lunch bags with cute animal prints that kids will love
  • This small cooler allows you to safely transport your breast milk as a breastmilk cooler bag whether you’re headed to the office, park, or on a play date
  • Made in Turkiye

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